Big Update on Adrian Neville’s Main Roster Gimmick, Cesaro Tells Live Crowd His Entrance Music “Is Not Good At All” (Video)

Big Update on Adrian Neville’s Main Roster Gimmick

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez stated that a Mighty Mouse gimmick has been discussed for Adrian Neville on the main roster, but it should be considered a rumor at this point.

Alvarez also noted the latest plan is for Neville to have a “Crash Holly” style character and he won’t actually be dressing up as a mouse, even if inspiration for the gimmick comes from the animated character.

Cesaro Rips His Own Entrance Music

The following video footage features WWE star Cesaro ripping his own entrance music at a live event over the weekend.

Cesaro can be heard telling the WWE crew to cut his music because “it’s not good at all”: