Dean Ambrose Reveals Details Behind Scrapped 2012 Mick Foley Angle, How Did It Come About?, Why Was It Nixed?, More

dean ambroseFor those of you who don’t remember, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose, who was an FCW developmental talent at the time, had a brief “feud” back in 2012 that never culminated in anything, but was heavily hyped on the internet and social media.

After a series of brief encounters between Ambrose and Foley, which took place outside of WWE events, the basis of the angle would have been Ambrose accusing Foley of influencing a generation of young wrestlers to hurt themselves to get over with crowds.

Ambrose recently appeared on Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast, which you can check out at this link, and during the interview Ambrose spoke in-detail about the feud, how it came about, and why it was eventually scrapped.

“It was going to be a real thing. That was the start of it. It was my idea, something that I pitched. I’m of the generation who watched Mick Foley fall off stuff, and on the indies people are falling off ladders and getting hurt,” Ambrose said. “I did a lot of hardcore stuff before I got here [the WWE].”

Ambrose revealed WWE wanted the feud to start on Twitter, but he didn’t have an account. So WWE setup accounts for all the FCW talents in order to help protect the angle, and so it wouldn’t look like only Ambrose had a Twitter account and no other FCW talents.

“The dirt sheets starting biting on it. I went up to [Foley] while he was signing autographs, people were filming on their phones and had no idea who I was.”

Ultimately the angle was scrapped because Foley couldn’t get medical clearance to wrestle, and Ambrose noted, “I was pretty bummed, I thought that was the one perfect moment. But it gave me buzz.”

You can check out footage of one of Ambrose and Foley’s encounters in the video player below: