Backstage Details on Why Charlotte Lost on Raw, Original Match Plans Revealed, 2 Names Possibly Leaving Total Divas

Backstage Details on Why Charlotte Lost on Raw

With regards to Charlotte’s quick loss in her debut match on Raw, The Wrestling Observer is reporting original match plans called for the singles match between her and Natalya, but then the match changed to a tag team bout. At the last minute, officials went back to the plan of having a singles match, and as Triple H pointed out in the NXT conference call, the show was running short on time so the match time was cut down significantly.

Vince McMahon made the call to have Charlotte lose the bout, and it’s being said had Triple H been the one to make the call, he would have had Charlotte go over. In fact, when the bout was changed to a singles match, Natalya requested she lose, as she felt that was the right thing to do.

Vince ultimately decided against Natalya’s idea, and Triple H tried to defend Vince’s call by saying in 6 months, when they bring Charlotte back to TV, no one will remember the quick loss.

Paglino: Hey Vince, I take Ginkgo Biloba, I will remember.

More on 2 Names Possibly Leaving Total Divas

As we previously reported, promotional material for the new season of Total Divas do not feature Naomi and Summer Rae, leading to speculation that the two Divas will not be returning to the show. Additionally, WWE has released the following Total Divas photo shoot pic on Instagram, and again, Summer Rae and Naomi are not featured: