TNA British Boot Camp Season Finale Tonight; Possible *SPOILER* for Who’s Getting a Contract, “30 Second Fury” feat. Crazy Ladder Spots

British Boot Camp Finale *SPOILER*

tnaThe season two finale of TNA British Boot Camp will air tonight in the UK. The three remaining finalists are Rampage Brown, Mark Andrews and Kay Lee Ray. 

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by anyone at this point, there has been some talk of Andrews being the one to get the TNA contract, and a deal similar to Rockstar Spud, the 2013 winner.

Andrews and Rampage were booked for last weekend’s Ring of Honor and PCW joint shows in England, but only Andrews was pulled from the events. It’s possible that Andrews could not appear because he already has a TNA contract in place, which would prohibit him from appearing for any major company with DVD distribution. Either way, we will know which star is headed for Impact Wrestling in 2015 by the end of tonight. 

“30 Second Fury” Ladder Spots

This week’s WWE “30 Second Fury” features an extended look at some of the most crazy ladder spots in WWE history. 

KILLAM: Cool video. WWE really sucks at counting though.