Bray Wyatt On Dean Ambrose, Says The Wyatts Didn’t Break Up, What Was The Purpose Of “The Hologram” At Hell In A Cell?

bray wyattWWE Superstar Bray Wyatt recently talked to Chad Dukes of CBS Radio and Chad Duke’s Wrestling Show to promote WWE TLC, and spoke about a number of topics.

Bray commented on his feud with Dean Ambrose, the relationship with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, the meaning of his WWE Hell In A Cell appearance, and much more. You can read a few excerpts below: 

Bray Wyatt on Dean Ambrose and their history:

“This feud with me and Dean, if you look back at the Shield and all that, me and Dean Ambrose years ago would just be killing each other with bull ropes in armories all over Florida in front of ten people. I think it will go on forever. As long as we both can walk and survive after TLC.”

Bray on the hologram at WWE Hell In A Cell:

“One thing and I want to get this out there so no one’s misconstrued, that was not Abigail. I don’t think anyone has looked closely enough. I think everyone skipped over that part and chocked it up to being some fancy illusion or something. I don’t ever do something just to be doing it. There’s always a point behind everything.”

Did the Wyatt Family break up? 

“There is no breakup. That’s another thing I’d like to get out there. There’s friction between [Harper & Rowan] and that’s kinda part of the issue, is relinquishing some of that. When the Wyatt Family is needed, the Wyatt Family will always be, and that’s the way I designed it, and that’s the way it will go on for ten, fifteen, who knows how long. The Wyatt Family is far from over, I can assure you of that.”

“I’m very proud of [Rowan], sometimes. He’s done some things since we split that I haven’t necessarily agreed with. I’m not so sure he’s a genius with a big IQ, I’m actually a hundred percent sure of that. [Laughs] But Harper is the Intercontinental Champion and that’s exactly where he belongs and why he needed to go out on his own. Because Harper is one of the greatest, most malicious entities in the entire WWE. He should be free to go after things like that.”