CM Punk Returns to Colt Cabana’s Podcast: Talks More About the End of His WWE Run, Working w/Ryback, The Shield, Wyatts & Vents Further Frustrations

ballad of cm punkCM Punk returned to Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, which went live at midnight tonight, and is now available to listen to via Soundcloud. To listen to CM Punk’s first appearance on Colt Cabana’s show, click here.

The synopsis for the show is as follows:

“Last week CM Punk put it all out there to Colt and the world. This week, we wanted to make sure we covered all the bases. In whats still a light hearted podcast, tough topics such as apologies, sponsorships and frustrations still come to light.”

To listen to the entire interview on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, you can at, you can go to and subscribe to Cabana’s podcast at this link to get the episode.