Complete Recap of Steve Austin’s Vince McMahon Interview: Vince Talks Punk, Current State of WWE, Sting, Heat with JR, Macho Man, The Streak & Much More

Vince on Cesaro

Austin asks him about Cesaro. Vince says he is not connecting with his charisma and verbal skills right now. He says that the audience need to care about him. They need to feel his presence. Vince says he lacks “it.” Vince is not sure how to fix it and book him appropriately right now. He calls him a great “in-ring talent.”

Vince says that having “a bunch of writers around is crucial.” He says it changed when they went public and now is a different show.

Vince says Shane is currently working in Japan, happy and is enjoying his family. His exit from WWE was a mutual feeling.  He says the family business is such a difficult task. He says he does what is right for business. Vince says he always wanted his children to do what they wanted to do. 

Vince talks about how he got into the business and started as an announcer.

Vince addresses the CM Punk situation

He apologizes and said he got his severance papers on his wedding day and was coincidence. He says there have been disgruntled people in the past that spoken out and he won’t air the dirty laundry. Vince goes on to say that he hopes one day they will be able to get back together again. He wants to give the audience what is best for business. Vince says he is open to work with him again. Vince also admits that he did not listen to the podcast and he heard some things that was said. 

Stone Cold said he had some of his problems and addresses doing a favor for Brock Lesnar. Austin said he got the call to do the “favor,” it was hard to work with him. Vince says it was very hard to work with Austin at times. He said Austin would not have an alternative for an idea. Austin says “no-showing” that Raw to job against Brock was the worst decision of his life. He says that Jim Ross saved him.

Vince says there is a lack of communication between him and Punk. He says he is a loner and that Punk lacks those communication skills. He said that attorneys got involved and thinks it’s a lack of communication. 

Austin talks about how Vince fined him 250,000 dollars but wanted to fine him 650,000 dollars. He said there needed something to be done by walking out on the audience.

Vince McMahon on The Streak

Stone Cold talks about The Undertaker and watching WrestleMania XXX. Vince says nobody wants to give back more than The Undertaker. He says who else could he work with and give back in the biggest possible way to help someone be a star? He says there was nobody on the roster aside from Brock Lesnar. Vince made the decision himself, but says Taker was unselfish. Vince said it was a shock to everybody and the decision is put on him. He says he thinks he makes the right call at the right time. He says Brock cannot be hotter than this coming WrestleMania. 

Austin is asking where is Brock. Vince calls him a “special attraction.” Vince says it is not about the title that draws people into the arena, more of the story.