“Triple H Wants to Kill Punk” – Backstage Reaction to CM Punk/Colt Cabana Podcast, What the Wrestlers Thought & More; Washington Post Covers the Story

The Washington Post cm punkis yet another website picking up on “The Art of Wrestling” interview with CM Punk. The Post’s article mainly runs down Punk’s comments on WWE’s medical policy and alleged negligence of Dr. Chris Amann. 

Bryan Alvarez of F4Wonline.com noted that, in regards to the massively controversial interview, “virtually everybody in WWE who has listened to this thought it was awesome.” Although Punk had his enemies backstage in WWE, and many of the wrestlers just didn’t like him – especially towards the end of his run, when he was most upset – even his detractors were happy that some of the details finally surfaced. 

“While Vince [McMahon] is mad, the guy who’s furious is Triple H. ‘Triple H wants to kill Punk’ was the exact text message … Hunter and Stephanie have such an abject hatred for CM Punk.” 

There is also a lot of heat on Colt Cabana from WWE management, and he is not likely to ever get a call back from the company in the future. Colt worked very briefly for WWE between 2007 and 2009. 

Alvarez noted that while Steve Austin is likely to ask Vince McMahon about the interview during the live edition of his podcast next Monday, the WWE Chairman is expected to give a “corporate answer” and move on quickly. You can hear more of Bryan’s thoughts and info on the Punk/Cabana podcast at the link above.