Roman Reigns Reveals His Favorite Match in WWE So Far, Talks Dream Match, Returning from Injury & More

Roman reignsInjured WWE star Roman Reings recently did an interview with The Reno Gazette-Journal, while in town for the Reno Comic Con this past weekend. The following are some Q&A highlights:

On returning to WWE after injury:

“Based on the fact that we don’t have an offseason, it’s great for me personally and mentally to be able to collect myself, kind of gather the troops, re-game plan and just attack this thing another way. I don’t see it as I’m chasing that big pop. I’m not chasing one big pop. I’m chasing a collection of humongous, out-of-this world, never-been-heard-before pops. I just don’t want one of them, I want to hear them every single night and every single time I go in. So that’s the game plan for me. It would be nice to hear that energy be created again on the very first night that I come back but it’s gonna take a lot more than just one night. It’s gonna take day in and day out of just hard work, just completely dedicating myself to the product and just hoping for the best.”

On his favorite match thus far in WWE:

“I really liked the match I had with Randy [Orton] at Summer Slam. I thought we tore it up there. That would be a nice rematch, that’s always a good fight with Randy. But I probably have to go with the six-man tag we had in London a couple years ago or a year and a half or so ago against Team Hell No and Undertaker. That’s a good grouping of superstars to compete against.”

On his dream match in WWE:

“I think just considering the family I come from, there’d be no way better to celebrate it than having a match with Rocky at Wrestlemania.”