TNA Impact Wrestling Results (11/12) – Madison vs Taryn, Joe’s Announcement, Lashley vs Aries!

TNA Impact Wrestling results

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

November 12th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Lashley says he’s looking for MVP but Kenny King says he doesn’t know where he’s at, and Lashley gets mad and throws a trash can at a wall backstage.

James Storm comes to the ring ring Sanada and Manik, and he says he made an offer to Davey Richards, and he wants his answer right now. The Wolves come to the ring and Eddie says Storm needs to learn that the answer is… Davey takes the mic and says he can speak for himself. Davey says he listened to Storm and a lot makes sense, but he has one conclusion, and Storm is out of his mind. Davey says he’s a Wolf and his answer is no, but Storm says he’s sorry to hear that and calls Manik and Sanada to attack them both. Storm chokes Davey with a bullrope and ties his leg up, then he smashes Davey’s leg with a chair before security separates them. Storm reenters the ring with a briefcase and smashes Eddie in the head with it, then he hits Davey in the leg a few times, and says he’s cashing in his Feast or Fired title shot now. 

TNA Tag Team Championship

James Storm & ??? vs The Wolves 

Storm goes for the easy cover but Davey kicks out, then he hits Eddie with Eye of the Storm before telling Eddie he should have stayed out of this. Abyss’ music cues up and he walks to the ring, but Storm introduces him as the newest ‘pledge’ of the Revolution, and tags him in. Abyss chokeslams Eddie, then he hits him with a Black Hole Slam and Storm tags himself back in and makes the cover.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions – James Storm & Abyss