Alberto Del Rio On Racist Remarks In WWE, Says Top Executives Also Made Comments, Including The Person Who Informed Him Of His Release

alberto del rioFormer WWE Superstar and current AAA star Alberto Del Rio recently conducted an interview with Fighting Spirit Magazine, and he addressed his departure from WWE and racism in the company. 

Alberto said it was not uncommon for top WWE officials to make racists remarks, most of the time towards African Americans and Hispanics, and try and pass them off as jokes. He recalls the situation which led to his termination, and said: 

“That guy, the social media guy [Cody Barbierri, WWE’s then-manager of social media], made a racist joke—saying that it was my job to clean his table. Of course, I got really upset, and I asked him for an apology, but he didn’t do it; instead of giving me an apology, he smiled, giving me this big “f–k you” smirk, and I slapped him. That was it.

Alberto said he was told by higher-ups, including Vince McMahon, that nothing would happen to him, and even though he was still wrong to slap someone, they understood why it happened.

Alberto also mentioned the person who notified him of his release was guilty of making racist comments backstage around the locker room. He said: 

“The person calling me was one of the most important people in the company, and I said, “We always hear these racist jokes from you, and because you’re one of the most important people in the company in this company, your other employees hear you making these stupid comments, and they think they can do it,” said Del Rio. “I said, “It’s just like in my house: if my son sees me spitting on the floor, he’s gonna do it, because he’s going to think that it’s the right thing to do, because I’m the power figure in the house. In this company, it’s exactly the same: when they hear you doing these racist comments all the time, and we don’t say anything, because it is you, now those guys think they can go make those stupid comments.”

It was previously reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer that Triple H was the person to officially notify Alberto that he was being let go, after initially being told he would just receive a short suspension.