10/29 TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Roode vs. Lashley for the World Title, Tag Team Tournament Begins, Hardys in Action & More

impact wrestlingTNA Impact Wrestling Results

October 29, 2014

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-Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to Impact Wrestling, and put over tonight’s main event, which will feature a rematch between Bobby Roode and Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. 

Tournament Semi-Final Match

Low Ki & Samoa Joe vs. MVP & Kenny King

King starts off the match by slapping Low Ki and mocking him. Low backs him into the corner and slaps the heck of his chest. They dance around each other for a while, and when they lock up we get some counter-grappling; Low Ki comes out on top with a chest kick. Both guys tag out, and Joe starts “tagging” MVP with tons of kicks. In comes Low Ki, who plants him with chops and shoulder thrusts in the corner. King tags in and takes a cheap shot, but Low floats over an Irish whip and grapples him to the mat. Joe back in again, and takes it to Kenny with stiff jabs, until MPV pulls his partner to the floor and they take a breather. They try and drag Joe out with them, but he holds on to the ropes and Low Ki flies over them to take everybody down. Eventually the heels do heel things, and the numbers game puts them in control as we head to commercial break. 

After a painfully long ad break (it was like 7 minutes long), MVP is picking apart Low Ki, as he drops him with a kick to the jaw. King tags in and they double team him, including a huge running spin kick, but Joe breaks up a pin attempt. This goes on for another few minutes, and eventually Joe makes the hot tag. He cleans house until getting caught with a Zig-Zag type move by Kenny, but Low Ki is back to make the save. He springboards to the outside and catches MVP with a big kick, then hits the ring again and he and King both go for kicks, and both come up empty. Joe locks in the rear naked choke, and we have a submission. 

Winners: Samoa Joe & Low Ki

KILLAM: That was a pretty good tag match. A lot less formulaic than the “good guy sells a rest hold for ten minutes” tag matches we’re starting to get on every RAW and Smackdown. That still happened, but there was a good amount of offense from the faces before and after, and some well-executed trades throughout. I really wish that was a “real” tournament; it’s hard to get invested when they START with the semi-finals.