More Details on Why WWE is Moving the Elimination Chamber PPV, Plans for the Road to WrestleMania, SummerSlam & More

elimination chamberAs we have reported, WWE has plans to move its annual Elimination Chamber event in February, and replace it with a more standard, non-gimmick PPV. 

The fact that WWE now only has one world championship is likely a major reason they have plans to shift its PPV schedule. With Brock Lesnar as the current champion, it’s unlikely we will see a title defense between the Royal Rumble in January, and WrestleMania 31 in April. That means an Elimination Chamber match in February would either create a redundancy in the title picture, or have to be contested for a prize other than a world title shot, which some might say devalues the match type. 

The rumored plan is that WWE will move the PPV to June instead, replacing WWE Payback. Traditionally the summer events do well financially, and Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank (in July) are two of the better selling events, which would create a 3-month block of high profile events, including SummerSlam.