Major Update on the Health & Return Schedules of Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns *SPOILERS*

Daniel Bryan Return Update

Big Show came out to make the announcement, and led the crowd in a big “YES!” chant in support of Bryan. While the original surgery was on his neck, this time he will be having work done on his arm. There have been reports that Bryan was having trouble regaining strength in his arm since the neck operation, but he’s been going through rehab to try and fix the issue. 

Roman Reigns Return Update

While it was previously reported that Roman Reigns was looking to make his return from injury in late December, extending into early January 2015, it appears that a few house shows in December are advertising Roman Reigns vs. Kane for their post-Christmas tour. 

While these could be out-dated cards sent out by WWE months ago, that simply haven’t been revised, these are the first live events that Reigns has been advertised for since undergoing surgery.