Flashback: 2014 TNA Bound for Glory Results (10/12): James Storm & Sanada vs. Great Muta & Tajiri, Hall of Famers in Hardcore Action, X-Division 3-Way, More

-Ethan Carter III is walking backstage and is asked about Rockstar Spud. He says he broke Spud’s heart by firing him, and announces a new associate who will debut on Impact Wrestling this coming Wednesday. He then brings his attention to his opponent tonight, one of the largest athletes in the world. He says he’s bringing the undefeated streak worldwide. 

-Out comes EC3 to a great reaction. He puts over Japan for showing him the respect he deserves, but then goes heel mode and mocks the crowd. He talks really slow, spelling out his name and his undefeated streak so “they can understand”. By the end of the promo the crowd is booing him. He promises to body slam Hama tonight. Good luck. 


Hama backs his opponent into the corner and laughs at his size. Carter shoves him, then gets knocked on his ass. He does the spot where he runs the ropes and tries to knock down Hama, but gets clobbered four times. He tries it again and gets tackled to the outside. Ec3 gets back in the ring and mocks the sumo pose, but gets body dropped head over heels to the mat. Hama stomps on Carter’s chest and suplexed over the ropes. He hits a running splash for two, tries for it again but comes up empty. Ec3 takes advantage of the miss and stomps away at the big man. He slams Hama’s head into the mat several times and motions that he’s going to slam him. He tries for a slam – it looks hilarious – and gets clotheslined. Carter gets splashed in the corner and falls to the mat. Hama builds up a head of steam and hits a running splash for a very close two-count. Hama tries for the Banzai Drop but comes up empty. He hits the Stinkface, shades of Rikishi, but EC3 kicks him in the crotch and gets the 1-Percenter for the win.