WWE Smackdown Results (10/10) – 15th Anniversary Show, Team Teddy vs Team Johnny, Cena/Ambrose Face Off On Miz TV!

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WWE Smackdown Results

October 10th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

Stephanie McMahon starts the show and welcomes everyone to the 15th Anniversary of Smackdown, and she reminds the fans that The Rock coined the show’s name. She also takes a dig at him and says The Rock lost to Triple H on the first show, then John Laurinaitis cuts her off and asks if someone said ‘people’. John reviews his qualifications and says he’s the best choice to start the show because he started ‘People Power’ and he wants to make a match. Teddy Long cuts him off and JBL busts out in a thuggin’ and buggin’ dance, then he runs over and shakes Teddy’s hand before he gets a loud ‘Teddy’ chant. Teddy says he won’t let John take his job again, and John says he was better then and now, so they should just give the fans what they want. John says they want a tag team match, but Teddy calls for a six man tag match, so they keep arguing until Teddy calls for a 15 man tag team match in honor of the anniversary.

John says he can’t do that, but Teddy says he’s the Mack Militant, and he names off a bunch of Superstars and mini-Gator and El Torito, saying they equal one person. Stephanie says she is OK with it and they will have Team Teddy versus Team Johnny, and the winner will be the ‘Greatest General Manager in Smackdown History.’ Stephanie starts to make an announcement about Hell In A Cell when Adam Rose and the Rosebuds cut her off, and Rose says he’s her to party, but there’s no party without him. Rose tells Stephanie to be a rosebud instead of a lemon, and she says he’s right and she can party, so Stephanie puts him in a match against Kane and then dances around the ring with Teddy and Johnny.

BP: I laughed my ass off at JBL’s excitement over Teddy’s return, and the GM’s dancing around was funny too. This was a good use of an opening segment, where it set up the first match and what I assume with be the main event. I don’t really care for tag team matches of this size at all, but the ‘Teddy Long setting up a tag match’ has become such a running gag that it was almost worth it.