TNA Denies CM Punk Offer, Update On TNA Negotiations With Spike And Other Networks, Possible Problem They Face

TNA Denies CM Punk OfferUpdate On TNA Negotiations

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It is being reported that other new networks are skeptical on signing TNA because there’s a negative viewpoint attached to professional wrestling, but also because it was dropped by Spike TV with fairly good ratings.

Networks are wondering why Spike would drop a program that is consistently drawing between 1 million and 1.4 million viewers every week, and it’s speculated that Spike doesn’t have confidence in TNA’s officials. They think those in position don’t have the ability to help TNA grow as a company, and numbers had slipped a bit.

Finally, Vince Russo was brought up as a factor again, and although Spike denies the “secret employment” issue in public, it is pretty much known at this point that Russo’s involvement played a large role in Spike’s decision.

TNA Denies CM Punk Offer

We previously reported that TNA officials apparently reached out to CM Punk and made him a “Hulk Hogan” contract offer to join the company.

PWInsider is reporting an update on the situation, saying they have TNA sources telling them there is no truth to that, and no offer was made to Punk or through a third party. They also go on to confirm an earlier report of Punk attending an Ohio Valley Wrestling Show, saying he arrived and went right into owner Danny Davis’ office.

It was reported that talent was instructed to stay away from Punk in the locker room, but this has since been denied, and Punk was never in the locker room.