John Morrison On Tough Enough, Chris Benoit And More On The Latest Talk Is Jericho, Darren Young Returns ‘Home’

Talk Is JerichoTalk Is Jericho

The latest episode of Talk Is Jericho hosted by WWE Superstar Chris Jericho features former WWE Superstar John Morrison.

Talk Is Jericho is available to listen to on PodcastOne. You can read the show synopsis below: 

“Former WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison is giving everyone a lesson in parkour & high-flying ring style. He’s talking Tough Enough, CM Punk, ECW, WWE, Chris Benoit, erupting volcanos, Johnny Blaze, Y2J, and how he really feels about Jim Morrison & The Doors. Plus, John played Hercules this year too! We’ll hear that story, and the reason why he never turns down a match!”

Darren Young

Injured WWE Superstar Darren Young recently visited the International Wrestling Federation training school in Nutley, New Jersey on Tuesday.

Young visited the school where he first began training, and IWF trainer Kevin Knight posted and retweeted the following messages: