TNA’s Bram On Ric Flair, Being Married To Charlotte, What It’s Like Being Ric Flair’s Son In Law, Are There Any Issues Working For Different Companies?

maximum impact tourTNA Wrestling star Bram recently talked with The Mirror, and spoke on a number of topics, including his marriage to NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte, being Ric Flair’s son-in-law, and more. You can read a few excerpts below:

Bram on Ric Flair:

“It’s not something you think about. If you had told me all of the things I would have done, people that I would have met when I was 13, I would have been like ‘wow’. But as the years pass, everything kind of seems normal. From an outside point of view it might seem cool or bizarre, but to me it’s normal.

“It’s a great relationship, it has been from day one, he’s a hell of a guy. As long as Ashley’s happy, he’s happy.”

Bram on how his marriage works while being in two different companies:

“I’m doing my own thing in TNA and she’s doing her own thing there. We have a bond in wrestling and in most relationships, wrestling can get in the way. We both understand when we’re away for a long time or we’re hurt or you’ve got to do things some people wouldn’t be too happy with. There’s a nice understanding there which makes our relationship a lot easier.”

Bram on why TNA is a better fit for him:

“It’s down my alley a lot more. The way the company works and the stuff I’ve been doing is more to my liking and more like what I grew up watching when I was a kid. I am enjoying the hardcore stuff, I grew up watching that as a kid. To be able to do it is pretty cool.”