Tommy Dreamer Reveals “Major News”: House of Hardcore Making iPPV Debut & More, Steve Austin in New Wendy’s Ads w/ Celebrities (Video)

Tommy Dreamer Update

House of HardcoreTommy Dreamer has been teasing a major announcement this past week, and now it’s been revealed. House of Hardcore VII, which is run by the ECW legend, will mark the promotion’s debut on iPPV. The event is scheduled for 11/15 from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia. The Young Bucks, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Ethan Carter III and Austin Aries are already scheduled to appear, and Dreamer is teasing another major surprise at the event. 

Additionally, House of Hardcore VII will mark the last time Beulah McGillicutty will appear ringside, for her husband or otherwise. 

Steve Austin in New Wendy’s Ad

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is featured in a new ad for Wendy’s, alongside Alfonso Ribeiro and Ralph Macchio.

KILLAM: If you’ve ever wanted to see Steve Austin, Carlton Banks, and the Karate Kid in the same video, this is probably your only chance.