Exclusive: Details on Rey Mysterio Backstage at Lucha Underground, Who Invited Him & CEO Attached to the Promotion

Rey Mysterio at Lucha UndergroundI’ve been told that WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio was the personal guest of FactoryMade Ventures CEO John Fogelman at the last Lucha Underground TV taping. It was reported last week that Mysterio was present at the tapings, and was taken out to dinner in Beverly Hills after the show, likely to discuss his current situation and post-WWE plans. Furthermore, we’ve been told WWE higher ups were furious when the reports came out that Rey was backstage with a different company. 

Fogelman’s company partnered with director and producer Robert Rodriguez to create the El Rey network, which will be home to the Lucha Underground series. While the hugely successful Mark Burnett attached his name to the project, he has yet to make an appearance at any of the television tapings as the promotion enters its second month. Fogelman will be launching a large media tour soon to promote the series premiere, and will be the face of the show from the corporate end.