TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/1) – Aries Cashes In Title Shot, Roode Speaks, New Knockouts Champion

Ethan Carter III (w/ Rockstar Spud) vs Eric Young

Eric hits Ethan back and fights out of the corner, then he throws him out on the floor and splashes him. Eric throws him in the ring and hits a Thesz press, then Ethan cheap shots him before hitting a suplex for two. Ethan applies a side headlock but Eric breaks it and scoop slams him, then he connects with a top rope elbow for two. Spud puts Ethan’s foot on the ropes to break the pin, then Ethan tells Spud to get on the apron. Eric dropkicks Ethan into Spud, but Spud gets up and distracts the ref long enough for Ethan to low blow Eric and hit the One Percenter for the win.

Winner – Ethan Carter III

Knockouts Championship

Havok vs Gail Kim (c)

Havok attacks Gail during her entrance and whips her into the guardrail, then she tries to slam her on top of it but Gail floats over and kicks her. Gail tackles her from the apron and punches her several times, then Gail jumps at her but Havok applies a bearhug and hammerlock and slams her down on her shoulder. Havok waits as trainer’s check on Gail, and we get back from a break to see the match has been ruled a no contest.

Result – No Contest

The Wolves come out and Davey says they have full control of this tag team series right now, and they are glad to announce the stipulation of the final match. Team 3D comes out and Bully says The Wolves want to be as good as them, but they aren’t, and they’ll never conquer wrestling like them. Bully says they are making the last match so the Wolves should leave, then the Hardys cut them off and Matt says everything Bully says is truth. Matt says they are iconic and no one will talk about the Wolves in 20 years, then Davey says the Hardys and 3D were great, but they still are great. He says they beat them already and their time is now, then Bully cheap shots Davey and they all brawl. Kurt Angle cuts things off and tells The Wolves to pick the match now, and Eddie says they are getting Full Metal Mayhem!