Sheamus Reportedly Denied Access to Dubai Meet & Greet, WWE Seeking Valuable NFL Players, NWO Invades Canvas 2 Canvas

Sheamus Reportedly Denied Access to Dubai Meet & Greet

Thanks to Harish Subramanian for sending in the following:

There was a Meet and Greet session with WWE US Champion Sheamus at The Toy Store, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, U.A.E on Saturday between 7pm and 9pm. There was a sizeable crowd of 500-600 people (including me) lined up at least an hour before he arrived. He seemed to be nice to everyone, be it kids or adults. He jokingly agreed to my request to “Brogue Kick Paul Heyman”.

Surprisingly, he was denied access to the Dubai Mall Meet and Greet Session scheduled between 3pm – 5pm, earlier that day.

NWO Invades Canvas 2 Canvas

The following is the latest edition of Canvas 2 Canvas, featuring the NWO:

WWE Seeking Valuable NFL Players

According to the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE, and specifically Triple H, are looking to sign NFL players with more name value than those the company has signed in the past.

To secure these names, however, it’s likely WWE would have to make them much higher money offers than those of other developmental talents.