WWE Battleground Buyrate Revealed, WWE Network Schedule For 9/4

wwe battlegroundWWE Battleground Buyrate

The WWE Battleground buyrate is now available, and the July 20th event brought in 99,000 total pay-per-view buys. There were 31,000 domestic buys and 68,000 international buys, and this doesn’t take into account the WWE Network subscriptions.

For comparison, the July 2013 pay-per-view was Money In The Bank, which drew 169,000 domestic buys and 54,000 international buys.

While the numbers from this year and last will be different because of the WWE Network, other recent events give a better idea of how the shows are performing. This year’s WWE Payback drew 29,000 domestic buys, and the 2014 Money In The Bank show drew 53,000 buys, which is considered a good performance with the Network pay-per-view standards.

WWE Network Schedule

The following is the WWE Network schedule for Thursday, September 4th:

9:30 am ET – Video Vault: Unforgiven 1998.

10:00 am ET – Attitude Era Raw: 4/27/98

11:30 am ET – Video Vault: Over The Edge 1998

12:00 pm ET – Attitude Era Raw: 10/4/98

1:30 pm ET – Video Vault: Judgment Day 1998

2:00 pm ET – Total Divas

3:00 pm ET – Total Divas

4:00 pm ET – WWE NXT

5:00 pm ET – WWE Superstars

6:00 pm ET – Monday Night War

7:00 pm ET – Total Divas

8:00 pm ET – Total Divas

9:00 pm ET – WWE NXT

10:00 pm ET – WWE Superstars

11:00 pm ET – Total Divas