Dan Severn Shoots on WWE “Brawl For All” and Discusses Why He Was Removed Last Minute, Also Talks Steroids in Wrestling/MMA

dan severnDan Severn stopped by for an in-depth interview with Submission Radio. Dan spoke about the infamous Brawl For All show and why he was taken out last minute. Dan also discusses PED’s in Wrestling and MMA and the crazy story of how he prepared for UFC 4 by working out 5 days with 3 Pro Wrestlers.

The full interview can be hear at http://bit.ly/1vIsPCs

The following are some interview highlights:

On WWF Brawl For All (The Wrestling Shoot event) & why he got taken out after winning:

“When this event took place, it was announced as a meeting where they wanted all the talent to gather around and then they basically threw out the name of this event. It was gonna be called the Brawl for All and it was gonna be using these 20 ounce boxing gloves and the only two people that were not allowed to be in it was gonna be Ken Shamrock and myself. And so I didn’t pay any more attention to it because I wouldn’t be allowed to do it in the first place. Well several weeks into this Brawl for All taking place I happened to be in the locker room. I was just laying down using my duffle bag probably as a pillow or something like that, and I had one of the road agents that comes up and says ‘hey Dan’. He said ‘we’ve got an opportunity for you to be in the Brawl for All tonight and what do you think?’ I simply said ‘who’s the opponent and how much?’ They said ‘Godfather’ and they threw out a price tag, and I go ‘ok done’. Now the ironic part is, once the match was done, they pulled me out and said ‘we’re taking you back out now’. So I don’t know all the behind the scenes, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye on that particular situation. Now, I did not want to wear the 20 ounce gloves, I was gonna simply going to go out there, bareknuckle bout, I was not going to throw a single punch. I wanted to just prove – well a couple points – I wanted to prove to all the Professional ‘Rasslers, but then also prove to most of the people in attendance that I will not throw a single strike, and this guy can throw all the strikes he wants and I will twist him up into knots and I will submit him and never have to throw a single strike.”

On being approached to use Steroids, Growth Hormones and being Chemical free for his whole career:

“To start a career at the age I did, with the success ratio that I had; and the fact is, I can claim lifetime chemical free status. You find another heavyweight that can claim that, it does not walk this planet. I know most of these groups and organizations. I probably know most of their suppliers, only because I’m also involved in the gym industry for quite a few years and I’ve been around steroids, growth hormones all my entire life, I just never bothered to cross the line to go into it. Cause I’ve had some groups approach me and say “Dan Severn on your national physical shape and size, we can take your 260 pound frame and we could probably put you up to about three and a quarter (pounds), ripped at about six precent body fat, you’d have 25 to 30 percent more power”. And to me it’s like, bottom line is there Denis and Kacper, I take a great deal of pride in the fact that I have achieved all my success on my own ability. I didn’t have to take a shot, I didn’t have to take a pill, I just simply walked out there and I got the job done.”

On the ability to build athletes with PED’s:

“Today, If you wanted to make Frankenstein, you really could make Frankenstein. You could take a seven foot tall basketball frame of a body, and put them on the right chemicals, and put them through the right type of training, you could build a freak-a-saurus that weighs probably three to four hundred pounds and will destroy anything that climbs into the cage with it. But did it win on its own ability? No.”

On his preparing for UFC 4 by training for 5 days with 3 Pro Wrestlers:

“When I first given the nod that I was in the very first UFC, I was basically a last minute fill in. Someone had got hurt, dropped out, for whatever reasons I don’t remember, but I was a last minute replacement. And I’d always lived a rather busy lifestyle, I had a number of commitments, I went and fulfilled my commitments. I trained five days, an hour and a half a day, and I walked into the world of No Holds Barred. Now you gotta realize there weren’t cages abundant like there are today. There’s probably not a city that you couldn’t go into today and you could probably find a cage somewhere in someone’s gym or whatever, that someone was training Mixed Martial Arts in. But back then there was only one cage, it was owned by the UFC. So I went to where I started my professional wrestling training. I went over to Lima, Ohio and I did my training inside of a professional wrestling ring. So I had the instructor and I had two other professional wrestling protégés and between the three of them they had one pair of boxing gloves, of which when one work out partner would get tired he used to trade up the gloves to the next guy and next guy. I just stayed in there the entire time and they were trying to kick, punch, grapple, submit, anything that they could do, and basically I was just trying to stay out of harm’s way, clinch, take down, use my wrestling skills, and all I did was slap on an amateur wrestling move, turn it a little bit illegal, make them squeal or squawk.”

“When I walked into my very first No Holds Barred event, I did not train a single submission, legitimate submission. I just did some barbaric things that I just created, and number two, I never trained a single strike. So even in the UFC when they asked me ‘well what is your discipline?’ I simply said ‘I’m an American Wrestler’, and they kind looked at me like ‘what’s that gonna do for you?’ And I simply said ‘watch me’.”

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