WWE RAW Results (9/1) – Stephanie’s Divas Announcement, Big Six Man Tag With Possible Title Implications?

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WWE RAW Results

September 1st 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Chris Jericho comes out for the Highlight Reel, and talks about his guest Randy Orton, but the Authority enters the ring with him. Triple H mocks him and Jericho insults him right back, then HHH says John Cena versus Brock Lesnar might not be a good call. He says he studied the Summerslam match and says a rematch might not be best for business, and he might want another title contender for Night of Champions. Orton says he’s the only man who can beat Lesnar, then Kane and Rollins make their cases for the match, then Cena comes out and says this should stop. Cena says he doesn’t care who HHH’s friends are because they are the same ones who said he couldn’t beat HHH at Wrestlemania 22, and he made him tap out.

Cena says he envoked his rematch clause and HHH authorized it, so he will sue him if it doesn’t happen and then he will get fired and beat his ass. HHH looks shocked that Cena brought up a lawsuit, and he says Cena is so blinded and small-minded that this is what he’s trying to avoid. He says he does what’s best for WWE everyday, and he might not think Cena as champion is best anymore, but Lesnar ended his career isn’t either. Rollins says he should just let him have the match and Orton agrees, saying he’s still waiting for his rematch, but Jericho says he’s gotten enough handed to him. Jericho says the last big match Orton had ended with him getting Superman punched, but Orton says that doesn’t mean anything and he’d kick Roman Reigns’ ass if he were here.

Reigns comes through the crowd and says he’s here and waiting, then he says he didn’t think Orton would do anything, and he bets Rollins and Kane are still pissed at him for last week. He reminds Rollins that they still have unfinished business, but this is about the title right now and he also wants to throw his name in the mix. HHH says they will all get a chance to prove themselves tonight, and the six of them will fight tonight with HHH watching at ringisde. Rollins tries to hit Reigns with his briefcase as HHH leaves, but Reigns ducks and takes him down before throwing Rollins’ briefcase at him.

BP: I’ve been in favor of a Lesnar/Orton feud for awhile; I think Orton is one of the few guys outside of Jericho or HHH who is on Brock’s ‘level’ right now. I like that they continue to cast doubt on Cena’s chances, but I doubt they change the main event this close to Night of Champions. Also, another six man tag? Yawn.