WWE Smackdown Results (8/29) – Reigns vs Wyatt, Swagger vs Rusev in a Submission Match, Big Six Man Tag Main Event!

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WWE Smackdown Results

August 29th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt (w/ The Wyatt Family)

 Bray sends Reigns outside and clotheslines him, then he rolls him in and elbows him before avoiding a Samoan drop and follows with a running senton. Bray heads up top but Reigns takes him down with a Samoan drop, then he connects with a basement dropkick before Rowan and Harper attack. They beat him on the floor until Big Show and Mark Henry make the save, and Reigns ends it with a Superman punch before the Wyatts retreat.

Winner (by disqualification) – Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins vs Rob Van Dam

Rollins whips RVD and charges the corner, but RVD kicks him in the head before Rollins dropkicks him into the ropes. We get back from a break to see RVD kick Rollins in the face a few times, then he goes for Rolling Thunder but Rollins avoids it. He goes for a Curb Stomp but RVD rolls away from that, sends Rollins to the mat and heads up top for a Five Star Frog Splash. Rollins avoids it and enziguiris RVD as he gets up, then he heads up top but RVD catches him with a leaping kick. They fight on the turnbuckles before RVD sets up a superplex, but Rollins rakes his eyes and hits a buckle bomb in the opposite corner. Rollins picks him up and hits a second buckle bomb, then follows with a Curb Stomp.

Winner – Seth Rollins

 Emma vs Paige

Emma kicks Paige in the head and climbs up top, but Paige sweeps her legs, slamming her head on the mat before making her tap to the PTO.

Winner – Paige

AJ Lee comes out and says is not Valentine’s Day, but everyday is special so she wants to show her friend how much she cares. AJ offers Paige a box a chocolate and asks Paige what’s wrong, they she says they are still best friends and demands she eats a piece of candy. Paige eats some and says it’s great, then spits it back at AJ and smirks as she skips away.