Is Zeb Colter Dealing with a Legit Injury?, Why Orton & Y2J Missed TV This Week, Details & Cover Revealed for Brothers of Destruction DVD

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

Why Orton & Y2J Missed TV This Week

Chris Jericho and Randy Orton were kept off WWE TV this week as they were granted time off from WWE. Both men will be returning to TV next week, as Orton is scheduled to be the guest on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel, which will take place on Raw.

Is Zeb Colter Dealing with a Legit Injury?

Zeb Colter has not been seen on WWE TV since taking a kick from Rusev at SumerSlam. According to sources close to Colter, he is claiming he was legitimately injured after taking the kick from Rusev, and there are some within WWE who believe he is also dealing with an additional, unrelated injury.

No word on when Colter is expected back on WWE TV.

Details & Artwork for Brothers of Destruction DVD

WWE has issued the following press details regarding the upcoming “Brothers of Destruction DVD”:

The saga of UNDERTAKER and KANE has taken many sordid twists since the inferno that left their souls forever charred.  The combustible combo has buried their deep-seeded rivalry on several occasions, always close enough to the surface to ignite at the touch of a spark.  Still, their blood bond makes them an indomitable force in the ring.  And every so often, old wounds close up long enough to untie the WWE’s darkest duo under one common purpose – destruction.  In this DVD, see the BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION scorch their path of wreckage through WWE.  Seven devastating matches against some of the greatest tag teams of the new millennium are presented in their entirety.  Witness WWE’s most volatile Superstars, THE DEADMAN and the DEVIL’S FAVORITE DEMON, on the same page before they tear each other apart once again!

DVD SRP: $14.93

Run Time: 180 Mins

Rating: TV-14

Available for purchase on Tuesday, October 7th.

The following is the cover artwork for the DVD:

brothers of destruction