Big Update: Backstage News on Batista Possibly Ending His WWE Career, How “Guardians” Success Might Alter His Future

batistaAccording to, Batista’s future in WWE was a hot topic backstage over the weekend, and with the massive success of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” his career as a full-time player in WWE might be over.

When Batista left WWE months ago to begin media hype for “Guardians,” the plan was for him to return to WWE story lines once the media died down, which was rumored to be around SummerSlam time, but of course that did not happen. Backstage talk in WWE over the weekend and at Raw yesterday is that Batista might not be returning to WWE at all depending on future movie offers and the continued success of “Guardians.”

Another factor in the equation is the risk of Batista suffering an injury in the ring, which could have an impact on movie roles he might land. Batista has already signed on to appear in the “Guardians” sequel, and it’s expected many more movie offers will come his way given the major success of the Marvel movie. Batista is no longer being looked at as an actor who appears in low budget independent movies, and similar to the situation The Rock found himself in, movie studios might be hesitant to cast Batista in a blockbuster if he is actively wrestling.

Paglino: Batista deserves better than the last run he had with WWE, so personally I would like to see him return for one final run against Triple H that culminates in a WrestleMania 31 match.

I completely understand if Batista’s unable to return due to movie obligations, as he deserves the success he has worked hard to achieve, but I think WWE dropped the ball creatively with Batista’s last WWE run.

Gone are the days of a part-timer simply “showing up” and expecting to have a successful run, and Chris Jericho’s latest WWE stint is a good example of that.

If creative really gets behind Batista, I’m confident he and Triple H and can provide The Animal with an excellent pro wrestling career send-off.