TNA Impact Wrestling Results (8/20) – Hardcore Justice Returns, X Division Title Match, Last Knockout Standing, Six Sides Of Steel!

 The Hardy Boyz come out and talk about how their goal is to be the best tag team in the world, then Team 3D comes out and says they have an answer for them. Bully says they were talking earlier tonight, and they are the guys who put Dixie Carter through a table, but they are also one of the best teams ever. He says it would be pretty cool if either team could be tag team champions, so he says they need The Wolves out there for this to go down. The Wolves meet them and Eddie says he wants to be a part of the ‘greatest team ever’ conversation, and Davey says both teams have an open title shot anytime they want.

Mike Tenay joins Dixie Carter in her home, and Dixie is bedridden and she talks about how she knew she was badly injured after going through a table. She says she broke her back and fractured a rib, and Bully Ray made good on a promise, so now she needs to take care of herself. Dixie says she will focus on business outside the ring, but they will see her again, just like they will see Ethan again, and Carters never forget. Tenay asks what that means, and Dixie says the interview is over, then she throws the crew out and blows a whistle, demanding help from her husband.

BP: This time was actually time well spent and clever. Dixie explained her injuries and looked like she learned a lesson, then showed a spark of her old character when she kicked them out. I laughed when the sappy music cut off, and she blew the whistle and yelled at her husband. This reminded me in tone of the Aces & 8’s funeral, which was similar in tone and humor.

Knockouts Championship

Last Knockout Standing

Angelina Love (w/ Velvet Sky) vs Gail Kim

Gail runs down to the ring and chases Angelina, slams her into the steps before whipping her at the ringpost. Angelina reverses but Gail stops and clotheslines her, then she charges the corner but Angelina flapjacks her into the turnbuckles. Angelina kicks her and hits jawbreaker variation, then she swings a pipe but Gail ducks and dropkicks a cookie sheet into her face. Gail heads up top but Velvet hits her with the cookie sheet, sending her to the floor, then Angelina charges her but Gail drop toe holds her into the ring apron. Velvet slams Gail down and Angelina brings her into the ring after a 7 count, but Gail trips her up and applies a Figure Four on the ringpost. Velvet breaks it up, then Gail whips Angelina into the barricade and tries to hit her with a chair on the ramp. Velvet grabs it so Gail slams it into her stomach, but she turns around and Angelina hits a Botox Injection and kicks the chair into her face. Gail beats the count and Angelina heads up top, then Gail finally gets her hands on Velvet and throws her into Angelina on the turnbuckles. Gail throws Velvet outside and sets up on the turnbuckles, then she connects with a belly-to-back driver onto the chair, and Angelina doesn’t make the count.

Winner – Gail Kim