WWE RAW Results (8/18) – Brock’s Championship Presentation, Rollins vs Ambrose in Falls Count Anywhere Match!

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WWE RAW Results

August 18th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Daniel Bryan’s music cues up and the crowd pops, but Stephanie McMahon ends up trolling them and does a YES chant down the ramp. She thanks the fans for the “STEPH” chants, and she announces Brock Lesnar will be awarded a newly designed WWE Championship. Stephanie wishes John Cena a speedy recovery, then she says the biggest loser was Brie Bella and she now knows not to mess with The Authority. She thanks Triple H for being by her side and faithful to her, unlike Daniel Bryan who cheated because he found out who Brie really was.

Stephanie introduces Nikki, who knows Brie more than anyone, and Nikki comes out and says Brie betrayed her, not the other way around. She says it was always supposed to be the Bella Twins, but Brie was always out for herself even when she tried looking out for her. Nikki says it’s always been about Brie, and she even tried beating her down the aisle, but Brie lost since she married Daniel Bryan, a little troll. Stephanie talks about how she beat Brie easily, and Nikki says she is heartbroken over the whole thing, and she could say she lost a sister, but she never had one. Nikki says it feels good to be on her own now, then Brie comes out and asks why Nikki is doing this, because she is destroying their family. Brie says she could forgive her for last night, but Nikki looks surprised and slaps her, saying she will never forgive Brie, then Brie takes off backstage crying.

The Wyatt Family vs Big Show & Mark Henry

Henry hits Harper in the corner and Show follows with a scoop slam, then he punches Harper in the corner and tries to whip him. Harper catches him with an elbow but Show kicks him in the face, then he elbows Rowan on the apron before throwing Harper on the floor. We get back from a break to see Rowan kicking Show in the corner, then Harper chokes him with his boot, and uppercuts Show before chopping him. Rowan superkicks Show and gets a near fall, then Show comes back with a side suplex before Rowan stops him with a diving clothesline. Rowan scoop slams him but Show knocks him down and finally tags out, then Henry connects with some clotheslines before Harper knocks him down. Show comes back in and knocks Harper out, then he knocks Rowan out and Henry hits a World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Winners – Big Show & Mark Henry