Sheamus Says His WM30 Match Was Not “Ideal”, Talks Del Rio’s Release, Synopsis for WWE’s “True Giants” DVD

Synopsis for WWE’s “True Giants” DVD

sheamusAs we reported earlier this week, the upcoming WWE DVD on giants in pro wrestling history will be called “WWE Presents: True Giants,” and it will be released in December. The following is the official synopsis for the release:

“Focused on the top giants in wrestling history. This program will look and feel like 20 mini-biographies with each feature presented by just one person, giving it a more personal and in-depth look than a Countdown.

A 2 hour feature will have 20 mini-bios and full matches included as extras. Featured giants include Andre The Giant, Big Show, John Studd, Vader, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Kamala, Gorilla Monsoon, Earthquake, and more!”

Sheamus Says His WM30 Match Was Not “Ideal”

WWE star Sheamus recently did an interview with AusGames while WWE was on tour in Australia, and the following are some highlights. You can check out the entire interview at this link.

-Sheamus says it’s been an interesting year following his return at The Royal Rumble, and he admitted there’s been some ups and downs. He said being in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t his “ideal” match considering the bouts he’s had at WrestleMania in the past.

-Sheamus was asked to comment on Alberto Del Rio’s WWE firing, and he replied by saying the term “released” is a better word. Sheamus said he doesn’t know anything about it, but that Del Rio has always been a favorite opponent of his.