WWE RAW Results (8/11) – Final Words From Lesnar & Cena, Brie Arrested Following Stephanie’s Revelation, Hulk Hogan’s Birthday Party!

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WWE RAW Results

August 11th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman come out and Heyman says they told everyone what would happen at Wrestlemania, and John Cena will be no more after Sunday. Heyman says Cena has been in the ring with Brock before, and Cena even won the match, but Brock won the war because he beat the hell out of Cena. He says Brock won’t make excuses, but Brock was at 50% because of his diverticulitis, and now he’s at full strength so Cena had better come prepared. Heyman mocks Cena’s ‘Thuganomics’ gimmick and cuts a rap-style promo, saying Cena’s time is over and Brock will conquer him.

BP: Take the time to watch this again, or for the first time. Heyman was on point as always, but the ‘rap’ was a real highlight. The way he worked in the Extreme Rules 2012 mention was good, and he really did a great job selling the match even more. Great opener.

Corporate Kane comes out and tells Roman Reigns he was impressive in beating him last week, because that’s almost like beating two men at once. He says The Authority wants to put that theory to test, because Reigns is going to face two men, Rybaxel, right now. 

Roman Reigns vs Rybaxel

Ryback taunts Reigns and gets answered with a clothesline, then Ryback hits him a few times but Reigns clotheslines him again and counters a suplex. We get back from a break to see Ryback and Axel both attacking Reigns, then they throw him shoulder first into ringpost and the ref calls for the bell. They whip him in the corner but Reigns fires back with some clotheslines, then he hits Axel with a Samoan drop and tackles Ryback off the apron. Axel misses a corner splash and Reigns hits him with an apron kick, then he throws Ryback into the ringpost and hits him with a Superman punch. He follows with a Superman punch to Ryback, then he spears Ryback and hits Axel with a second before playing to the crowd.

Winner – Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns talks to Renee Young in the ring and says he’s taking everything from Randy Orton this Sunday, and a Viper can’t bite when he knocks his fangs out. Kane finds Orton backstage and tells him Orton will also be tested, because Reigns is a huge challenge for him this Sunday. Kane tells Orton he will fight Sheamus tonight, because it’s best for business.