WWE Smackdown Results (8/8) – Ambrose Reveals His Summerslam Stipulation, Rollins vs Ziggler, Orton vs Ambrose!

WWE Smackdown

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WWE Smackdown Results

August 8th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

Dean Ambrose comes out and says The Authority thought they had him beat, but he outsmarted “The Architect” and he knows what he is picking for his match with Seth Rollins. He goes over a few of his failed choices, including a “Loser Washes Triple H’s Car” match, but he says Rollins already does that. Rollins comes out and tells him to get to the point, and he mocks Ambrose and tells him that whatever match he picks, he’s going to lose. Ambrose says Rollins ran away and got him thrown out of the arena before their last match, so he is making sure that doesn’t happen again. Ambrose says they will have a lumberjack match, surrounded by all of the enemies they made together, and Summerslam is when Rollins’ luck runs out. Rollins says he won’t be going anywhere because he still has his briefcase, and The Authority is letting him choose Ambrose’s opponent tonight, and that’s Randy Orton.

Mark Henry & Big Show vs Rybaxel

Ryback taunts Henry but Henry slams him in the corner and rams him with his shoulder, then he goes for a scoop slam but Axel hits him from behind. Axel kicks Henry and works on his knees, then Ryback hits him a few times and calls for a powerbomb but Henry counters with a backdrop. Show connects with a few clotheslines off the tag, then he chokes Ryback and throws him to Henry, who hits a World’s Strongest Slam while Show chokeslams Axel for the win. 

Winners – Mark Henry & Big Show

Dolph Ziggler is shown laughing at highlights of RAW, and Adam Rose and the Rosebuds laugh with him as we see Dean Ambrose ruining the Money In The Bank briefcase. Seth Rollins walks over and says it’s not that funny, but Dolph’s career is because he’s a joke with a big ego. They mock each other a bit more before Rollins says he doesn’t think The Authority will mind him picking his own opponent tonight, and Dolph says he accepts that challenge, but there’s nothing funny about him beating Rollins down.