Complete TNA No Surrender Impact Wrestling Results for Tonight *Spoilers*

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TNA No Surrender Impact Wrestling Results for 9/25

MVP cut a promo saying Lashley was going to destroy MVP tonight. He then called out Chris Melendez, who he said was making headlines lately. They tried to recruit Melendez to be their bag carrier. He turned them down and King ripped him calling him “peg leg” and said he was going to teach him some respect. They have a match. Melendez pinned him with a sunset flip but was laid out. King. King said he was the star here not Melendez. He said Melendez was laying there just like he laid there when he had his leg blown off in Iraq. He said he wasn’t a hero but a cripple and tried to remove his prosthetic leg. Mr. Anderson hit the ring for the save.

*Knockouts Battle Royal. It came down to Velvet Sky and Jessicka Havok. Havok wins.

*TNA champion Lashley vs. Bobby Roode. They billed his as the No Surrender main event so they will be branding that show over an Impact episode in September. MVP was tossed for interfering to a huge pop. They had a good match. Roode ducked a clothesline and applied the cross face. King interjected himself and was thrown out, Roode locked him in it again but Lashley powered out and used a Samoan Drop to slam Roode down. They crowd was super into this with dueling chants. Lashley speared him for a two count and he place erupted for the two count. Lots of great near falls. Roode nailed a Death Valley Driver out of the ring into Lashley sending him to the floor. Roode brought him back into the ring. Roode ascended to he top but was caught and slammed off into the ring. Lashley speared him but Roode leapfrogged him. He blew his knee out on the move and was unable to capitalize, leading to another spear and the pin.

*Abyss defeated Samuel Shaw with the Black Hole Slam.

*X-Division champ Samoa Joe defeated Homicide in a solid match. The Great Sanada and James Storm attacked Homicide after. A repackaged Manik with a new outfit and mask come out and helped them.

Xplosion: Magnus defeated The Freak.