Drew McIntyre Working For EVOLVE Wrestling, Talks About Returning To The Ring, His Recent Scotland Promo

drew mcintyreDrew McIntyre Working For EVOLVE Wrestling

Former WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently talked to the Between The Ropes podcast about his return to the ring with Evolve Wrestling this weekend.

McIntyre, real name Drew Galloway, talks about working for Evolve and why he chose them, what it was like trying to make a return to Scotland, and more.

The former 3MB member talks to BTR for nearly thirty minutes about a number of topics, and you can read a few excerpts below:

Drew On Why He Chose Evolve Wrestling:

There’s a reason why this is my first match … like the Scottish thing was my first appearance. It was the right place. I’m not just going to be a guy who has random matches here and there for no reason. Everything I do has a purpose for my goal which is to create a buzz. The guys on the show are some of the best wrestlers in the world and that’s what I want. I want to be surrounded by the best possible wrestlers and EVOLVE from top to bottom, there is no filler on that roster.

Drew On Keeping His ICW Scotland Appearance A Secret:

…In wrestling, no secret ever gets kept especially in a small place like Scotland and the Commonwealth Games, which is an olympic-like event, was going on. I was like no way. But we managed right up until the day to keep it a secret. We didn’t tell anybody. I got into Scotland, saw a couple of people I recognized but they didn’t post it on the internet, hid in my home for two days with the blinds closed, just peering out like a hermit. And then on the day of show, I jumped in my dad’s car with my head down all the way to Glasgow and snuck in the back door and headed to the ring. The place turned the lights out and then back on and it was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had.

For more on this, including Galloway’s thoughts on training in FCW, his plans for his wrestling and acting career and more, click here to listen to the podcast. 

Drew McIntyre Working For EVOLVE Wrestling

 The following is a list of dates for the EVOLVE shows Drew McIntyre will be working, under his given name, Drew Galloway. This Friday’s match for EVOLVE is Galloway’s first wrestling match since leaving WWE, and second overall appearance.

  • 8/8 – EVOLVE 31 – Ybor City, FL – Drew Galloway vs EVOLVE Champion Chris Hero
  • 8/9 – EVOLVE 32 – Orlando, FL – Drew Galloway vs Anthony Nese
  • 8/10 – EVOLVE 33 – Jacksonville, FL – Drew Galloway vs Ricochet

Galloway will also be appearing at two EVOLVE shows in New York on September 13th and 14th, but no matches have been announced yet. 

As mentioned, Galloway made an appearance and cut a promo at a wrestling show in Scotland (which you can view by clicking here).