WWE RAW Results (8/4) – Reigns/Kane Last Man Standing, Beat The Clock Challenge, Stephanie/Brie Contract Signing!

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WWE RAW Results

August 4th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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The Authority (HHH, Stephanie, Kane, Orton & Rollins) come to the ring and HHH talks about how this Summerslam should be the greatest ever, and he throws some blatant WWE Network plugs in. HHH says Rollins gave him an idea, and there will be a ‘Beat The Clock’ Challenge between Rollins and Dean Ambrose, and whoever beats their opponent fastest will pick the stipulation at Summerslam. He says Ambrose will face Alberto Del Rio tonight, and Rollins will face Rob Van Dam, then Stephanie says they will also have a contract signing between herself and Brie Bella. She says Brie will end up in a hospital tonight if she is provoked, then HHH plugs John Cena versus Brock Lesnar and Orton says that’s not even the best part of Summerslam. Orton says he will decimate Roman Reigns, and Reigns comes out and says the Viper is back, but he took everything Orton had last week and he’s still standing. Reigns says he is going to come kick Orton’s ass for free, but HHH says Reigns can face Kane tonight, and he expects to see a demon tonight in a last man standing match… now.

Last Man Standing

Roman Reigns vs Kane

Kane connects with a DDT off the ropes, then he whips Reigns but Reigns sends him outside and throws him into the steps. Reigns leaps off the steps and clotheslines Kane, then he goes for a whip but Kane reverses and sends him shoulder first into the steps. Kane throws him into the steps and tries to slam his head onto them, but Reigns throws him into the barricade. Reigns goes for a kendo stick but Kane blocks it and hits him back with it, then he throws the steps into Reigns’ head and the ref starts counting. We get back from a break to see Reigns slam Kane’s head into a chair, then he connects with an apron kick before whipping Kane into the steps. He gets a table but Kane hits him from behind, then he rolls Reigns inside and sets the table up before chokeslamming him through it. Reigns makes it to his feet so Kane punches him on the ropes and gets a chair, setting up a Tombstone, but Reigns counters with a DDT on the chair before connecting with a Superman punch. Reigns blocks another chokeslam attempt by Kane and spears him, and the ref makes the ten count since Kane is not able to get up.

Winner – Roman Reigns

BP: What a way to start the night off. The promo was effective and addressed a few issues, but the “$9.99” trolling really made it work. Usually The Authority starting off is tired and wasted, but this got good heat. Reigns earned a good win, even if Kane is thought to be the ‘fall’ guy, since he won a Last Man Standing match cleanly.