Exclusive: Major Backstage Heat on Randy Orton, WWE Upset with His Live Event Matches Against Roman Reigns, More

randy ortonAs we reported earlier today, several negative fan reviews surfaced online of the Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton WWE live event matches which took place over the weekend.

WZ has learned from WWE sources there is enormous heat internally on Randy Orton for what many members of the locker room perceive to be a “crowd killing” style against Roman Reigns during the WWE house shows this weekend.

Several of the wrestlers in WWE, seeing payoffs down and just getting paid for WrestleMania, are worried Orton may be slowing down Roman’s progress to the top, where a new babyface star is needed since John Cena can’t be expected to carry the entire load, and Daniel Bryan’s future is uncertain with his nerve damage and possible need for a second surgery. “If Roman’s the guy, then Roman’s the guy,” one WWE Superstar said.

“Whoever is the guy, we need to get this guy over bigger than ever, not hold him down in rest holds and hope no one gets hurt. We’re in the wrestling business, Bumps and bruises happen.”