WWE Smackdown Results (7/25) – Cesaro vs Ambrose, Usos vs Rybaxel, Reigns vs Del Rio and More!

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WWE Smackdown Results

July 18th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

The Usos vs Rybaxel 

Jey fights out of a headlock so Ryback shoulder blocks him, then he hiptosses Jey and goes for a splash. Jey rolls away and Jimmy assists with a double team elbow, then Ryback tries to chop him but Jimmy throws him in the corner. He connects with some mounted punches before Ryback kicks him in the face, then Axel applies a headlock before hitting a shoulder tackle. Axel goes for a clothesline but Jimmy ducks, then Ryback tries to blind tag in but Jimmy catches it and kicks him off the apron. Axel knocks Jimmy on the floor and Ryback clotheslines him as we go to a break, then we get back to see Ryback elbow Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy fights back but Ryback tackles him, then Axel tries to take him down but Jimmy kicks him and tags out. Jey dropkicks him and hits a corner splash, then he hits a Samoan drop but Ryback breaks up the pin. Ryback gets sent outside and Jey takes him out with a splash, then Axel dropkicks him on the apron and knocks him on the floor. He lands near Jimmy on the floor and quickly switches places, then Axel grabs the wrong brother and rolls him in the ring but Jimmy surprises him with a rollup for the win.

Winners – The Usos

BP: Good match with a clever ending. Rybaxel really has been a solid team over the past few weeks and months, and The Usos’ success has been a great story too.

 The Miz comes out for Miz TV, and he says he became their new Intercontinental Champion, but he never gave them what they wanted, and that’s an acceptance speech. Miz goes into a cliche filled speech about accepting this award, then he thanks his parents in the crowd and walks over to them. Mrs. Miz says she is proud of him and he is awesome, then she says Roman Reigns is her favorite WWE Superstar and Miz gets pissed. Miz thanks his wife and dogs and cats, then he thanks the fans, and the most important influence in his life… his money maker! He says he must be forgetting someone, then Bo Dallas cuts him off and says Miz might have left him out, but Miz won because he BO-lieved! Miz says he’s a fan, then Dolph Ziggler cuts him off and says Miz is giving a lame Oscar speech when he won a championship… or played possum and waited outside. Dolph says it’s all over now, but both Bo and Miz have something in common because they are full of crap, and Bo tells him to hold on. Bo says Dolph can be like them if he just BO-lieves, then Dolph punches him and goes after Miz, but Bo tackles him and punches him after Miz runs away.