TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/24) – Dixie’s Guarantee, The Great Muta Appears, Aries Makes Decision, NYC Street Fight

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tna knockout goneTNA Impact Wrestling Results

July 24th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

 Bobby Roode vs MVP 

Kurt Angle finds MVP backstage and sees him trying to stall, so Kurt orders him to the ring but MVP refuses. Roode runs backstage and hits him, then they slug it out and Roode throws him through a door. Roode knees MVP and throws him into a wall, then he sends him back into the crowd and hits him with a trash can. MVP cheap shots Roode and spits beer in his face, then he hits him with a chair before Roode crotches him on the barricade. Roode hits him a few times before MVP knocks him down, then Kenny King runs out and attacks Roode before MVP grabs a chair and hits Roode in the stomach. He hits Roode again and mocks the crowd, then he repeatedly hits him in the ribs as Eric Young runs out and takes King out of the equation. MVP swings at Roode again but Roode takes the chair and hits MVP’s knee with it, then he puts MVP in a Sharpshooter and makes him tap out.

Winner – Bobby Roode

Jeff Hardy comes out and says he heard Kurt Angle and the fans, and he’s back, but they haven’t seen the end of Willow at all. He says he wants to talk about the future, and the person he brought with him is part of TNA’s future, and it’s his brother, Matt Hardy. Matt comes out to a welcome back chant, and he says he left to get healthy mentally and physically, and he feels like he let the fans and Jeff down. He says he is done apologizing because actions speak louder, and he thinks it’s time that the Hardys are on the top of the marquee one more time, as tag team champions. Matt says he wants a match at Destination X, and he wants to fight the best team around, so he invites the Wolves to accept their challenge in the ring. The Wolves come out and Eddie says they want to beat the best, and that is the Hardys, so Davey says this match is on for Destination X, and they shake hands.

 DJ Z (w/ BroMans) vs Low Ki

Ki punches Zema a few times and and hits him with a diving forearm, then Zema snaps his head down and connects with a running knee into a cradle roll up. Ki ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Robbie through the ropes, then he turns and kicks Zema before connecting with some forearm shots. Ki kicks him in the back of the head and follows with a corner dropkick, and ends it with a fisherman’s driver for the win.

Winner – Low Ki