WWE RAW Results (7/21) – Stephanie Gets Arrested, Ambrose vs Cesaro, HHH Picks New #1 Contender

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WWE RAW Results

July 21st 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Triple H comes out and says he’s mad that John Cena won last night, but he has options and he can handle it. He mocks people complaining on social media, and says sarcastically says he will stop watching WWE or he could fire everyone. HHH says instead, he will really just relax because he always wins, and he can wait until Summerslam if he has to. He says he is guaran-damn-teeing that Cena will not be champion after Summerslam, then Randy Orton comes out and asks why they are doing this. Orton says he wants the rematch he deserves and is owed, and he guarantees he will beat Cena if he gets his match. HHH says that’s a great argument, and Orton is the front runner, but he hasn’t made a decision yet, and everyone gets to make an argument tonight.

HHH says the whole roster will get a chance to impress him tonight, and Orton says he would be champion if Kane would have done his job, and he hopes Kane isn’t under consideration. Kane interrupts and says he hopes he is, because he can beat John Cena and take the title, as long as he isn’t being Orton’s protector, because he is sick of babysitting. Roman Reigns also makes his way out, and he says his name belongs in this conversation, because no one wants to see Cena vs Kane, or Orton, again. He says they all want to see Reigns in that spot, and he tells them to believe in that, and Superman punches Kane before he gets Orton to retreat. HHH says he believes Reigns will have a match right now, and he will face Kane… and Orton.

BP: That segment had a big fight feel all around. Orton had a little bit of fire he’s been missing, and Reigns and HHH were intense and to the point. Kane… Reigns is right, no one wants that match because Kane won’t win, but I am intrigued by him being tired of being a lackey. I think a feud between him and Orton can work, and would be a good undercard match for Summerslam.

Roman Reigns vs Kane & Randy Orton

Reigns connects with some punches in the corner, then Kane hits him in the back and goes for a clothesline. Reigns ducks and counters with a Samoan drop, then Orton blind tags in whips Reigns, then follows with a kneelift and some stomps. Orton kicks him a few times but Reigns knocks him down, then Kane tries to interfere but Reigns throws him into the barricade. We get back from a break to see Orton stomp Reigns, then he dropkicks him but Reigns comes back with a Samoan drop. Kane tags in but Reigns knocks him down a few times, then Kane and Orton get into a bit of an argument over a refused tag. Kane grabs Orton by the throat, but Reigns Superman punches him, then he hits a spear and makes the cover as Orton walks away.

Winner – Roman Reigns