Dean Ambrose Interview On His Hardcore Beginnings, Becoming The ‘Lunatic Fringe’ & More

Ambrose On Why He Worked Deathmatches: 

“I was a little bored of regular old wrestling,” said Ambrose. “I started dabbling my foot in that because I was bored.”

Ambrose On Dealing With The Pain:

“I always take pride in the fact that nobody can mess with me and I never let anybody mess with me my entire life,” he said. “I may not be the biggest guy in the world or strongest guy in the world. I don’t have those gifts. But I will take more punishment and I’m willing to withstand more abuse. A lot of people say, ‘It takes a lot to beat him’ or whatever. I’m trying to show you in the most literal terms, my body is indestructible, whether its glass or fire or barbed wire.”

Ambrose On Getting Himself Noticed:

“I won’t say I never got hurt, but I’m really lucky that I survived all that and made it to where I am with my head on my shoulders,” said Ambrose, “[But] when you’re wrapping yourself in barbed wire, or if you’re getting attacked with a skill saw and somehow you survive … that’s an easy way to get noticed … it created this aura around me that got people’s attention I was able to capitalize on and eventually make it to WWE.”

You can read the entire interview at the following link.

BP: Not that Combat Zone Wrestling had that great of a reputation to begin with, but this article doesn’t do it any favors. Of course Ambrose is proud of his time there, and says they were more than just weapons, but the article does its part to put down CZW and make Ambrose a sort of anti-hero.