Hulk Hogan in Japan Considered a Major Deal, Will Rollins vs Ambrose Steal the Show at Battleground?

Hulk Hogan in Japan Considered a Major Deal

hulk hogan in japanAccording to The Wrestling Observer, Hulk Hogan appearing in Japan with WWE was considered a very big deal, and from a media standpoint was even considered a bigger deal than WWE’s tour of Japan as a whole.

When Hogan arrived at Narita airport, there were said to be over a hundred photographers and reporters waiting for him. In total, Hogan did 8 print interviews and appeared on 2 talk shows during his stay in Japan.

On the second night of the tour in Tokyo, Japanese legend Yoshihiro Takayama was spotted sitting at ringside wearing a Hogan t-shirt.

Rollins vs Ambrose at Battleground, Thoughts on Sting in WWE

The Layfield Report has published a new blog looking at Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose potentially stealing the show at WWE Battleground. You can check it out at the link below:

WWE: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins will Steal The Show at Battleground: