TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/17) – X Division Gauntlet Match, Hardy Challenges Lashley, Devon Reunites With Bully Ray

 TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley (c)

Lashley knocks Hardy down a few times before Hardy catches him with a stepover heel kick, then he knocks Lashley outside and dives on him. Hardy moves the steps but Lashley whips him at them, then Hardy tries to springboard off of them but Lashley sweeps his legs and slams his face off of them. We get back from a break to see Lashley hit Hardy in the corner and put him in a torture rack position, but Hardy floats over and takes him down with a clothesline and an atomic drop. Hardy hits a legdrop and dropkick, then he whips Lashley and elbows him before following with Whisper In The Wind. Hardy charges the corner but Lashley elbows him, then he blocks a headscissors by Hardy and calls for a powerslam. Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate, then he holds on and hits a second Twist of Fate before heading up top, and he hits a Swanton for two. He throws Lashley into the steps on the floor and heads up top, attempting a Swanton onto the steps, but Lashley rolls away and Hardy lands hard on the steps. Lashley rolls him back in, then hits a spear to retain.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

BP: Enjoyable match. Typical high spots from Hardy. Lashley doesn’t need to say much, he just hits hard and has a lot of power moves. I’m glad to see MVP and King stayed out of it.

Rockstar Spud welcomes Dixie Carter to the ring, and she is escorted out by Ethan and Rhino, then Dixie runs down the New York crowd and calls the city a dump. Dixie says there is no class in the arena right now, and she says Tommy Dreamer is a crybaby and Bully Ray is a low rent nobody. She continues to rip on Bully and says she’s the ‘hardcore star’ since she put Bully through so many tables, and she will keep holding him down. Bully and Dreamer cut them off and slide a table in the ring, then they attack Rhino and Ethan and throw them on the floor. Spud tries to run for it but Bully kicks him in the face, then they corner Dixie and Dreamer sets up a powerbomb. Rhino runs in and tackles Dreamer before he can hand her to Bully on the turnbuckles, then they run for it but Devon makes his return before they leave. Devon cuts Ethan off on the ramp and hits him a few times, then he throws him in the ring and slams him down before they get the tables and put Ethan through it with a 3D.

BP: As much as Dixie gets crap for being on TV too much, she really knows how to get heat. Some of it’s cheap, but heat is heat, and the crowd will explode when Bully eventually gets his hands on her. I can’t say enough about how much Spud and Ethan add to almost all of the angles they’ve been involved with, and Rhino is in a good role here too. Well executed main event segment.

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