Report: WWE Talent Still Unhappy with Pay Issues, Update on WM30 Checks, Video Game Royalties Reportedly Very Low, More

wwe talentThe Wrestling Observer is reporting there is still a lingering unhappiness in WWE when it comes to pay, as several different aspects of WWE talent compensation have wrestlers upset.

As we exclusively reported a couple weeks ago, WWE is back to enforcing a dress code, and is fining talent who do not dress professionally in public. Additionally, talents are being fined for showing up late to events, and it’s being said even a minute late could get you fined.

This past week, the second quarter royalty checks were issued, and if you’re a top star in WWE, the first quarter checks are typically around $70,000 for video games. As we noted before, top guys got around $11,700 in the first quarter of this year, and the second quarter was even worse, as a big topic of conversation in WWE was top guys getting $1,555 in second quarter royalty checks.

The big thing WWE talent is holding out for as of now is WrestleMania 30 pay, as checks are supposed to be mailed out next week. Nobody has been told anything regarding how talent will be paid, so if it’s based off PPV revenue, it will be way down from last year due to the WWE Network. If pay is based on a Network percentage, it could be more.