Scott Steiner Talks Wanting To Feud With The Rock, Big Poppa Pump Gimmick

Scott SteinerScott Steiner talked to The Roman Show about The Rock, WWE's PG product and more. For the full interview, click here. Below are some highlights:

On why his Big Poppa Pump gimmick started:

"There is nothing like the sweet nectar of women's juices."

On the current PG product:

"That PG S*it is hard to watch. You have all these other shows, and now wrestling. It was the first natural reality show and created that whole genre. That was reality TV. Now, we are breaking off of our roots and going PG. It is hard to watch."

On wanting to wrestle The Rock:

"I wrestled everyone. The first time I went to the WWE back in 2003 I wanted to go against The Rock. That never happened. He is one of the top guys of all time. The box office shows that. He was one of the most talented wrestlers there is. That's the one guy I wanted to start off with. Vince brought all of the WCW guys up but basically Vince basically treated us like S*it.