Rewind: 2014 WWE Money In The Bank Results (6/29) – Usos vs Wyatts, Who Wins Briefcase, WWE Championship?

Dean Ambrose cuts a promo backstage about wanting to get his hands on Seth Rollins, and he says he wants to choke him by his tie. He says he has an opportunity to win a title shot and get revenge on Rollins, then he debates which one he wants to do more. He goes back and forth, saying ‘face’ or ‘case’, before deciding he will do both.

Divas Championship

Naomi (w/ Cameron) vs Paige (c)

Paige ties up with Naomi and they fight for position, then end up falling through the ropes and slamming each other into the barricade. They roll back in and hit simultaneous dropkicks, then Paige catches her with another kick before Naomi rolls outside. Paige moves towards her but Naomi pulls her outside and slams her on the floor, then she hits the ropes and hits a splash on the floor. Naomi waits as Paige makes it in before the referee’s count, then Naomi hits a crossbody off the ropes before trying to get a leghook pin. Paige rolls through and they reverse each others’ pin, then Naomi puts her Paige in a surfboard stretch variation before getting a bridge pin attempt.

Naomi heads up top but Paige pulls her down and they both go to the floor, then they make it back in at an eight count before Naomi goes for a backslide pin. Paige kicks out and kicks her in the head, then she puts Naomi in a stump puller variation and tries to make her tap. Naomi breaks free and hits a splash and a headscissors takedown, then she follows with a Rear View off the ropes but only gets two. She kicks Paige and heads up top, but Paige blocks a moonsault with her knees and goes for a rollup. Naomi goes for an inverted DDT, but Paige counters with a Paige Turner for the win.

Winner – Paige

BP: I was really impressed with Naomi here. They let her show off some of the skill that was talked about when she was in NXT. They gave this a good amount of time and made her look strong in the loss.

Damien Sandow vs Adam Rose

Sandow comes out dressed like Paul Revere and cuts an anti-Boston promo, then Rose tells him to stop being a lemon and Sandow flips. He whiffs on a few punches when he swings at Rose, then Rose messes with him before Sandow finally sweeps his legs and punches him on the apron. Sandow applies a side headlock but Rose breaks it with an armdrag, then he kicks Sandow and follows with a few clotheslines. Rose jabs Sandow a few times and stomps him in the corner, then he charges the corner but Sandow meets him with a clothesline and hits You’re Welcome for two. Sandow gets pissed and stomps him, then he goes for a springboard moonsault but Rose rolls away and hits a Party Foul for the win.

Winner – Adam Rose