LISTEN NOW: The Lapsed Fan Podcast Episode 6: WWF In Your House: International Incident PPV from July 1996!

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The Lapsed Fan jumps back into past with a look at the WWF In Your House: International Incident pay-per-view from July 1996, an event with hints of the dawning Stone Cold era and a chaotic last-minute main event change that saw Jim Cornette offer refunds to PPV customers if his team lost.

Hosts/co-chairmen Jack Encarnacao and JP Sarro take a deep dive into the goings on in WWF at the time of the event, fresh off the heels of The Ultimate Warrior's sudden and final departure from the company, the return of Sycho Sid, and the Shawn Michaels/Vader program catching steam.

Among a million other things, Jack and JP touch on:

– Why exactly was this an "International Incident?" It's not like Vancouver is in Kuwait or something

– Vince McMahon's apparent obsession with saying the Godwins were a "quick" tag team

– Mankind goes splat on the concrete

– Jerry Lawler mocks a curiously-absent Jake Roberts' alcoholism

– The guttural noises and incredibly dangerous German suplexes of of Ahmed Johnson

– What made Sunny great

– To what degree were fans accepting of HBK as champion?

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