Dean Ambrose Likely for MITB Ladder Match, More Backstage Details, Promoter Rips Scott & Cody Hall

mitb ladder matchUpdate: Second MITB Ladder Match

Seth Rollins announced this week that he was officially entering the second MITB ladder match, the winner of which will get the briefcase for a future guaranteed title shot. WWE's website has noted that Triple H hasn't revealed any other participants in the match, but he indicated in his regular interview with Michael Cole that wrestlers won't have to necessarily qualify for their spot.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the line-up for the second ladder match should be announced on Monday's edition of Raw from Washington D.C. 

It's expected several participants in the battle royal from Raw this past week will be in the match. It's also expected that Dean Ambrose will be entered into the match. 

Indie Promoter Rips Scott & Cody Hall

Northeast Wrestling (NEW) promoter Mike O'Brien recently had some negative things to say about Scott Hall and his son, Cody, following their appearance on his June 7 event in Ansodia, CT. O'Brien released the following statement to The Observer newsletter:

"Scott Hall was his old self (he worked for the group a week ago). Not his physical condition, but a real cocky asshole. You give everyone a shot. Safe to say you won't be seeing me book him or his dangerous, green son again."