WWE Payback Results (6/1) – Last Man Standing, Evolution vs Shield, Does Bryan Surrender Title?


WWE Payback Quick Results: El Torito def Hornswoggle – Sheamus def Cesaro Rybaxel def The Brotherhood Rusev def Big E Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston ends in No Contest Bad News Barrett def Rob Van Dam Does Daniel Bryan Forfeit His Title? John Cena def Bray Wyatt Paige def Alicia Fox The Shield def Evolution – #wrestlezone

WWE Payback Results

June 1st 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Bryon Saxton asks Nikki Bella for comments on her sister's situation, but Nikki says she hasn't talked to Brie or Daniel Bryan. She says they are both passionate about being in WWE, but she has no idea what either one of them are going to do.

Hair vs Mask

Hornswoggle (w/ 3MB) vs El Torito (w/ Los Matadores)

Torito takes Hornswoggle down and spins him, then he goes for a pin but Hornswoggle kicks out and hits him in the back. Hornswoggle argues with the ref so Torito gores him out of the ring, then Slater tries to cut Torito's tail off and chases him under the ring. Torito ends up getting a hold of some shears and chases Slater, but Hornswoggle shoulder tackles Torito and throws him into the ringpost. Hornswoggle sets up for a springboard moonsault, but Torito rolls away as 3MB and the Matadores start to fight with each other. Everyone ends up on the floor and Diego splashes them all, then Hornswoggle feigns a suicide dive before Drew hits a somersault dive over him.

Hornswoggle decides to go for it anyway and hits a somersault dive, then Torito tackles them from the top rope and rolls back in. Torito gets Hornswoggle with a drop toe hold and Bronco Buster in the corner, then he goes for a hurricanrana but Hornswoggle counters with a powerbomb. Hornswoggle hits him and pulls off Torito's mask, thinking he embarrassed him, but Torito is shown wearing a second mask underneath and he hits a springboard moonsault and makes the cover to win. Hornswoggle tries to say he won because he pulled the mask off, but they make him get in the chair, and 3MB backs away as Torito and the Matadores shave his head.

Winner – El Torito

BP: A good opener from the two factions; they've been entertaining in almost everything they did so far. This match wasn't as good as the 'Wee-LC' match, but it had plenty of highspots that got the crowd into it. Hornswoggle really sold the segment with his expressions.